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Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutters also includes Coax Cable, Heat Shrink, Plastic and PVC Tube Cutting.

Since 1987, USA manufactured and distribution to end-users by Cutter Industries. The most affordable and easy-to-use, automatic bench-top cutter on the market. Designed and built to the highest industrial standards of quality, performance and dependability.

Batch-cutters, programmable to count, measure & cut-to-length, repeatable batches of a wide range of materials in one unit, including almost any conductor/hook-up wire, coax/power cable, cording, heat-shrink, flex-tubing, steel/buss wire or custom formed material. 

2 Models - $1,795 (each) are identical except:

Automatic CUTTER II - 12 to 40 Awg & 3/8" OD Max

Automatic CUTTER III - 8 to 20 Awg & 1/2" OD Max

We also have the option of rubber rollers. If you are cutting magnetic wire or other special material that could be damaged or marked by steel knurled rollers.

2 models - $1,995 each with rubber rollers.

Automatic CUTTER II (with rubber rollers) - 12 to 40 Awg & 3/8" OD Max
Automatic CUTTER III (with rubber rollers) - 8 to 20 Awg & 1/2" OD Max

TRUE, UNATTENDED OPERATION, eliminates labor & scrap.

      • Saving time & money, every day.

NO SET-UP OR ADJUSTMENTS, between material changes.

      • "SELF ADJUSTS", to all materials.

SO INTUITIVE & EASY TO USE, anyone can use it in minutes.

      • Easier than setting a clock.