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Cable Cutter

Looking to automate the cutting process for the cables within your product? Look to the Wire Cutter II and III from Cutter Industries, capable of automatically cutting wire of between 8 and 20 Awg (Wire Cutter III) or 12 to 40 Awg (Wire Cutter II).

In any line of work in every industry out there, having the proper tools at your disposal is essential in preparing for success. When searching for the proper tools, you must take into account that choosing the best quality tools is also a must as you don't want something that will break halfway through the job or need constant repairing which will cost your business time and money. If you are in the market for cable cutter tools made from quality materials from a reliable company, you have come to the right place. Should you be looking to cut cables of any size, we can proudly state that we offer an excellent selection of cable cutters that will fit any kind of job you're out to complete. A quick glance at our products page and you can see our line of products including top of the line cable cutters, built to cut and process all lengths of cable you might need to work with for years to come.

For affordable electric automatic tubing and wire cutter machines for industrial use, contact CUTTER Industries at 866-432-2987 or email today!

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